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When Hollywood producers need physical comedy and monster movement, they call on Dan Kamin. He created the physical comedy sequences for Chaplin and Benny and Joon, and trained Robert Downey, Jr. and Johnny Depp for their acclaimed starring performances--Downey was nominated for an Oscar, and Depp for a Golden Globe Award. Dan also created the Martian Girl's weird movement for Tim Burton's Mars Attacks! and played the vengeful wooden Indian in the cult classic Creepshow 2

It was Charlie Chaplin who introduced Dan to Hollywood. When Dan's book Charlie Chaplin's One-Man Show came out in 1984, Hollywood sat up and took notice. The book not only earned Dan the job of training Downey, but of creating the film's comedy scenes in Chaplin's style as well. Downey said "Dan's insights are amazing. He's probably the foremost authority on Chaplin...there was really no scene that he didn't help me with."

Chaplin, in turn, led to Benny and Joon, for which Dan created "some of the most impressive physical comedy seen on screen since the silent era," according to MSN.com. "It borders on comic ballet."

Downey fans and Chaplin fans alike will want to check out Dan's recent book, The Comedy of Charlie Chaplin, in which he describes how he put Downey through "physical comedy boot camp" for his performance. You can read sample chapters and order the book here.

Don't feel like reading? Dan's reputation as the world's foremost authority on Chaplin's comic body language has made Funny Bones, his guided excursion into Chaplin's enchanted world, a popular program at colleges, theatres, and film festivals. Or catch his new symphony pops program, Charlie Chaplin at the Symphony.