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"I never knew that a pantomimist could be so intelligent. I guess you proved me wrong."
                     --Stacy, age 11

"You made me laugh so hard that I got a headache. Nobody's ever done that before."
                     --Kenneth, age 11

"I like your job although it's not what I am going to be. It has now made my second job choice though."
                      --Destiny, age 9

"You seem a little old doing pantomime, but you do it pretty good."
                     --David, age 8

"You are the funniest person I have ever seen."
                      --Kurt, age 10

"What a talent."
                     --John, age 6


"Part Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, mixed with Marcel Marceau, Andy Kaufman and Steve Martin. It adds up to a demented, charming and brilliant performance."
                    --The Morning Call, Allentown, PA

"I've admired Dan Kamin's work for many years. The tremendous fun he introduces into concerts belies the serious thought behind them. He has a unique talent for physical comedy and wonderful feel for music."
                  --Ted Wiprud, New York Philharmonic

"This residency has personally and professionally been one of the outstanding moments in my career."
                   --Chris Moore, Springfield Arts Council

"Inventive...versatile...both comic and touching...Don't believe what you see, because you probably didn't see it anyway. In Dan Kamin's performance, truth is illusion indeed."
                      --Evening Herald, Plymouth, England

"Dan is a joy to work with! His unbounded energy and love of his craft resulted in a highly successful and enjoyable week-long residency that reached many people in the community who don't normally come to our programs, particularly college students. The residency culminated in a sold-out final performance that had the audience enthralled throughout this most enjoyable evening."               
                     --Olin Fine Arts Center, W&J College

"Dan Kamin's 'Comedy Concerto' was just the ticket for a special New Year's Eve Concert. Dan's great choices of music and motion delighted a full house...a great experience for all!"
                      --Reading Symphony

"...provocative, serio-comic and thoroughly entertaining."
                      --Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"The show is laced with biting wit."
                      --Sunday News, Lancaster, PA

"Intelligent and well-scripted...inspired."
                      --Pittsburgh Press

"An amazing performance...the only performer in recent years to earn a standing ovation...I strongly recommend Dan Kamin."
                      --Lyle Cayce, Florida State

"Hearty laughter throughout the performance and a standing ovation at the end."
                      --Billings Gazette

"A breathtaking display of theatricality that's sharp, funny and highly inventive."
                      --In Pittsburgh Weekly

"An arresting combination of physical comedy, dance, magic and speech... hilarious."
                      --Patriot News, Harrisburg

"Needs psychiatric intervention."
                      --Anonymous showcase evaluation

May 28, 2002
The Morning Call, Allentown, PA

By Wendy Solomon

True story. A man, dressed in a dark business suit walked through the crowd at Mayfair. Everyone cleared a path.

"He's freaky," a young woman whispered to her boyfriend.

Some people pointed and laughed nervously.

Another woman recoiled in horror and said, "He's not funny. He scares me. He's like a dead man walking."

Then they caught on. By the end of Dan Kamin's performances Monday, he had legions of fans gathered around him. He walked real s-l-o-w-l-y and didn't utter a word. He paused, did some magic tricks and then picked up his clear, plastic briefcase. In slow motion, he tipped his hat in a courtly gesture and made his way to that board meeting he'd never reach.

"He's a mime," one woman explained.

"He's a performance artist," a young man explained to his girlfriend, who had the horrified look of someone trying hard not to stare at an accident scene, but who couldn't pull her eyes away.

Mr. Slomo, as Kamin calls his corporate android character, is part Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, mixed with Marcel Marceau, Andy Kaufman and Steve Martin. It adds up to a demented, charming and brilliant performance by a Pittsburgh man who has coached Hollywood stars in physical comedy.

Kamin is to mime what Penn and Teller are to magic. Kamin doesn't dis mimes, but he does take out the cliches of his profession.

Whatever Kamin is, he is a unique and inventive performer hired to entertain the masses throughout the last day of Mayfair, traditionally the most crowded day during Allentown's annual five-day arts festival. Organizers estimated 70,000 peope attended Monday.