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Stop the Music!
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Stop the Music!
Note: There is a poster for Stop the Music! on the Posters page of this section.
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Stop the Music!

Stop the Music!

Size (inches) 7.5 x 12 3.75 x 6 7.5 x 12
Compressed 2.2 mb 640 k 268 k
Expanded 6.6 mb 2 mb 900 k
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Size (inches) 12 x 8 6 x 4 12 x 8
Compressed 2.3 mb 776 k 272 k
Expanded 6.9 mb 2.4 mb 900 k
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Prisoner of music

Prisoner of music

Size (inches) 8 x 12 4 x 6 8 x 12
Compressed 2.9 mb 932 k 320 k
Expanded 9 mb 2.8 mb 1 mb
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Outlined vs. with background: The outlined photos (those with the backgrounds removed) are intended for use on white backgrounds. They do not, however, contain clipping paths, as this would have made including the shadows impractical.