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Dan is often called upon to enliven trade shows, videos and live corporate events. Sometimes he creates a magical atmosphere simply by gliding through receptions and parties as the mysterious, silent Mr. Slomo, who casts a spell with his hypnotic movement and elegant, baffling sleight-of-hand magic. At other times Dan becomes a nervous keynote speaker who literally falls apart, much to the delight of clients like State Farm, Westinghouse and PPG Industries.

Dan also collaborates with companies, production houses and ad agencies to create more elaborate programs. He helped the Steel Can Recycling Institute put their message across by becoming the mighty Captain Steel, battling evil forces from the planet "Polluto" at trade shows across the country. The live and multi-media presentation drew crowds for every performance.

Sometimes, rather than performing himself, Dan puts company employees in the spotlight, as when he
directed Cutler-Hammer project teams in in a hilarious "mockumentary" of their award-winning workstyle. The show was the hit of the company's gala awards celebration.

Dan loves working with clients to come up with creative solutions to their problems. His award-winning scripts, ability to take them from the page to the stage, and network of talented associates ensure that corporate events become memorable, magical and practical.