Charlie Chaplin at the Symphony (Pops)

A full evening of comedy and music that's been drawing record crowds! First a classical concert goes horribly wrong when Dan shows up as The Classical Clown and wreaks havoc. In the second half Dan introduces two timeless Chaplin comedies, Easy Street and The Immigrant, accompanied by terrific new symphonic scores by Grant Cooper, well-known conductor and composer. This program brings both classic comedy and classical music into the 21st century. Click the poster for a preview. Running time: 2 hours. See the repertoire.

Dan Kamin's Comedy Concertos transform traditional concerts into exciting theatrical events. They have become popular with symphonies around the world, including Singapore, Shanghai, Malaysia, Winnipeg, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Dallas. Clever scripts, solid musical selections, and Dan's amazing movement skills combine to provide an enticing gateway into the joys of classical music.

Comedy Concertos include pops, family, and schooltime programs. You can read descriptions below, and click on the links to see reviews, repertoire, and video clips. Dan's Symphony Programs were profiled in the Fall 2015 issue of Symphony Magazine.

The Lost Elephant (Family)

Elmer the Elephant has escaped from the zoo, but the zookeeper is determined to track him down! Dan creates a jungle full of animals out of a few simple props and actions choreographed precisely to the music. This program is guaranteed to captivate even the youngest children, introducing them to classics like "Flight of the Bumblebee" and "William Tell Overture," along with great short pieces by Stravinsky, Shostakovich, Handel and others. Originally commissioned by the Baltimore Symphony, The Lost Elephant has become one of Dan's most popular shows, and can easily be adapted as a SENSORY FRIENDLY program. Click the poster for a preview. Read a complete review. Running time: 50 minutes. See the repertoire.


"Absolutely captivating."

-- Baltimore Symphony

“As the sounds of delight and laughter from the audience of over 2000 people filled the hall, I thought to myself, Dan Kamin’s not just a mime, he’s a rock star!

--Wichita Symphony

"You made me laugh so hard that I got a headache. Nobody's ever done that before."

-- Kenneth, age 11


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